“Sensitive nutrition” has a long tradition at 3 PAULY!

Careful selection of raw materials & gentle processing

Products in the 3 PAULY range have been processed using particularly gentle, value-enhancing techniques from the very beginning. Ingredients belonging to the group of so-called major allergens are used particularly sparingly.

In order to avoid allergenic ingredients, unhydrogenated fats and natural additives are also used during production as far as possible. This ensures that 3 PAULY products are easy on the digestive system.

Moreover, it goes without saying that 3 PAULY does not use any genetically modified or irradiated raw materials as ingredients.

Additionally, the 3 PAULY range is perfect for vegetarians, as animal raw materials are used only in the production of very few products.


Implementing the highest quality standards has been a top priority at 3 PAULY right from the start. All our products are subject to the strictest requirements in order to ensure that only premium quality products are dispatched by our company. As a result, the 3 PAULY logo has gradually established itself as a hallmark of excellence for high-quality, strictly-controlled food products.

3 PAULY's high quality requirements include the monitoring of nutritional, scientific and ecological findings and their corresponding incorporation in the company's products, manufacturing processes, and sale and distribution. 3 PAULY employs an experienced team of nutritionists for precisely this purpose, who apply their extensive know-how to the development of new products in an optimum manner.

3 PAULY products for people with food allergies and intolerances contain no preservatives, colourants or flavour enhancers. In addition, only natural flavourings are used during the production process.

Raw materials

Only the best raw materials – for maximum quality

The raw materials used in the manufacture of 3 PAULY products have to fulfil strict criteria, and must be:

  • high quality, natural, low in residues, low allergen
  • without genetic modification or irradiation

To make our delicious gluten-free food products we use raw materials that are naturally gluten-free, such as maize, rice, teff, buckwheat and millet.


Maximum safety for pure pleasure

Safety is a top priority at 3 PAULY! Why? Because it is essential to establish and follow ultra-strict safety criteria when manufacturing products for people with food allergies and intolerances.

This applies particularly to the gluten-free products. These special products for those suffering from coeliac disease are deemed dietary foods. In addition to the specific constraints stipulated by the German Dietary Ordinance, they are subject to the general requirements of German food legislation. 3 PAULY also complies with the recommendations of the German Coeliac Society (DZG).

How 3 PAULY products remain gluten-free:

  1. Via modern gluten analysis using the ELISA method, a highly-specific testing procedure which uses the antigen-antibody principle.
  2. Raw materials destined for gluten-free products are analysed for the absence of gluten and are only included in production if the test results are negative.
  3. Manufactured gluten-free finished products are analysed for gluten and only approved for sale if the absence of gluten has been unequivocally confirmed.