Coeliac disease in children

If children suffer from coeliac disease, it can sometimes be the case that they feel excluded, because they are often not allowed to eat the same things as their friends. Explain to your children exactly why this is.

Involve your child in cooking and baking. Together you can discover your new favourite gluten-free recipes and introduce your child's friends to the topic in a fun way.

Let the nursery and school know that your child is coeliac. Together you can find a solution to all situations.

Send your child with snacks for breaktime with healthy as well as sweet alternatives. As well as fruit and vegetables, there is a large choice of delicious gluten-free snacks and confectionery.

Leave a box with gluten-free confectionery in the nursery or school for unexpected celebrations. Then your child won't feel left out if everyone is allowed to have sweets.

It's also important to always have something for parties or trips, so that your child won't be tempted to scrounge sweets or snacks off other children.

A frank discussion with your child's playmates and their parents can help to make them more aware of the subject and thereby reduce the possibility of an accidental food mistake being made.

Can the whole family eat gluten-free food?

A gluten-free diet does not conflict with balanced, varied nutrition. The structure of gluten-free food products differs from conventional products insofar as the components containing gluten are replaced by gluten-free ingredients.

However, the nutritional value of gluten-free foods is equivalent to that of foods containing gluten. As a result, those who do not suffer from coeliac disease can follow a gluten-free diet with no problems, without there being a nutrient deficiency.