Pleasure with 3 PAULY

A healthy diet which tastes great!

With over 65 delicious types of bread, flour blends, cakes and pastries, snacks, mueslis and pasta specialities, the traditional brand 3 PAULY offers consumers a unique range of food products tailored perfectly to specific nutritional needs.

The top-quality 3 PAULY products have been manufactured with maximum care right from the start. Strict control measures ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards.

Helping customers to make purchases as rapidly and easily as possible is a top priority for 3 PAULY. As a result, the packaging clearly shows which benefits (“gluten-free”, “wholemeal”, “lactose-free”, “fibre-enriched” or “low-fructose”) the product has and which of the fourteen major allergens (e.g. milk, egg, soya, etc.) have been deliberately excluded during manufacture.

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