Gouda Cheese Snack Triangles

Gouda Cheese Snack Triangles
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A light snack with
savoury Gouda cheese

Flavour: Cheese

These crispy snack triangles with tangy Goudacheese are ideal for a cosy evening with friends or when you're on your own. It's not just coeliacs who will be happy to dip into these. The triangles are carefully baked and not fried.

Nutrient in 100 ml
Energy:1776 kJ (422 kcal)
Fat:13 g
of which saturates:7,6 g
Carbohydrate:61 g
of which sugars:0,6 g
Fibre:2,4 g
Protein:14 g
Salt:2,8 g

Potato starch, Gaudacheese(45 %), modified corn starch, yeast extract, sea salt, natural cheese flavoring, spice (paprika powder)


Store in a dry place