Fructose intolerance as child

Particularly during the first phase of the dietary change, offer your children who have fructose intolerance a varied choice of meals and also dishes that will satisfy their craving for something sweet. You will in any case find the changeover difficult.

Explain fructose intolerance to your child and try out new recipes together. If your child understands and notices what consequences the "wrong" foods can have for their body, they will better understand the measures that are necessary.

Pay attention to a balanced diet that ensures a sufficient intake of nutrients. Seek advice and support from a nutritionist specialising in allergies.

Fructose intolerance in children often improves as they grow.

Nursery, school and on the go

Always give your child some glucose for when they're on the go, and also leave some at the school or kindergarten.

Talk to childcare workers and teachers and inform them in detail about the child's fructose intolerance. Together you will be able to find a way to make kindergarten or school a place of carefree enjoyment for your child.

Ask about lunch alternatives if they are offered an "unsuitable" meal. You can also give your child a packed lunch from home.