Sesame Cracker

Sesame Cracker
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Crispy crackers with aromatically
delicious sesame

Flavour: Sesame

The delicious, gluten-free sesame crackers are perfect for worry free nibbling. Due to the portion packs, they are easy to carry and always ready as a snack on the go. A super gluten-free enjoyment just like our pretzel sticks, pretzels and crackers.

Nutrient in 100 ml
Energy:2040 kJ (488 kcal)
Fat:24 g
of which saturates:9,0 g
Carbohydrate:57 g
of which sugars:2,5 g
Protein:10 g
Salt:1,4 g

Starch (corn, potato), soya flour, unhardened palm fat, rice flour, sesame (7 %), sugar, salt, yeast


Store in a cool dry place